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January 15, 2012
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Chapter 6: The FINALS! Red vs. Violet


N runaway and forfeited from the battle when his camouflage was revealed while Sapphire had forfeited from the battle telling them that she needs to go after N. According to Sapphire, she'd been looking for N for quite a while for the reason that N knows something about a Legendary Pokemon that her father Professor Birch is currently researching.

So with N and Sapphire out of the tournament, the finalists are finally revealed.

It will be Red vs. Violet.

Violet and Red entered the arena. For the two of them, this battle will become the conclusion of the great Pokemon battle that they failed to settle a few years ago. And unlike that time, they are now more experience, more mature, tougher, and their Pokemons had developed through many hardships and training, that they both know in their hearts that right now this battle finally held a winner from the two of them.

Violet looked around the cheering audiences, to their fellow Pokedex Holders that are along with the crowd, and to Mr. Richie that organizes this tournament, as they all wait in great anticipation for the Pokemon Battle between her and Red to begin.

Final Battle: Red vs. Violet

For the starter match, Red entered his Pikachu and Violet entered her Togetic that finally evolved from being a Togepi.
Togetic attacked Pikachu using Magical Leaf which Pikachu easily evaded by increasing his speed through the use of Agility. Pikachu used Thunderbolt attack that Togetic evaded by an inch. Togetic countered with Ancient Power that Pikachu had evaded again through Agility. Pikachu blasted another wave of Thunderbolt that this time succeeded on hitting Togetic. Togetic received a great deal of damage.
Togetic used Ancient Power again to counterattack, but as usual, Pikachu evaded the attack by using his speed enhanced by Agility. Pikachu dashed nearer to Togetic and attacked him with Slam, but before Pikachu could connect, Togetic activated Metronome that summoned Self Destruct.
Pikachu and Togetic Fainted.
[Red 1 – Violet 1]

Red released Charizard for the second battle while Violet chooses her Medicham.
Charizard took flight and attack with the move Wing Attack that Medicham evaded using Detect. The initial attack of Charizard was followed with Fire Fang that fairly damaged Medicham.
Medicham leaped and engaged a counterattack using Hi Jump Kick that hit Charizard's left wing that leads him to fall back to the ground.
Charizard recovers and blasted Medicham with a Flamethrower that didn't just damage Medicham but also burned him.
Medicham, while being consumed with fire attacked Charizard with Force Palm which he tried to avoid by flying but because his left wing was damaged earlier, he failed to do so and accepted the full blow of the attack.
Charizard strikes back with a Dragon Rage that was also accepted fully by Medicham.

Violet knows that Medicham won't last any longer due to the effect of being burned that continually deplete his strength by every second that this fight prolonged. So as a last resort to end the battle, Medicham used Reversal, a move that deals more damage to the target the lower the strength of the user.

Charizard receives a critical damage.
Charizard Fainted.
[Red 1 – Violet 2]

Medicham refuses to return back despite Violet's order, her Medicham has a tendency to be stubborn in some occasion and unlucky this is one of them, so he remains on the field despite his serious injuries while Red released Venusaur.
Venusaur blasted Medicham with a Solar Beam that Medicham clashed with his own Hyper Beam. The attacks nullified each other, however, Venusaur engage a follow up attack of Razor Leaf that Medicham had barely evaded. Seeing the opportunity of having Medicham off balance, Venusaur blasted him again with another Solar Beam that completely knocks him down.
Medicham Fainted.
[Red 2 – Violet 2]

Venusaur returned to his Pokeball and was replaced by Blastoise while Violet chooses Floatzel.
Floatzel used Agility and Quick Attack against Blastoise that he defended by Iron Defense. Blastoise countered with a Water Gun that Floatzel clashed with his own Water Gun, Blastoise's attack had slightly overpowered Floatzel's, causing him to received a slight amount of damage.
Floatzel dashed once more with his speed enhanced with Agility and attacked Blastoise with Aqua Tail that directly hit him in the head that leads him to stagger down to the ground.
Floatzel followed his previous attack with another Aqua Tail that Blastoise defenselessly accepted.
Blastoise Fainted.
[Red 2 – Violet 3]

Red chooses Snorlax this time and Violet with Torterra.
Torterra attacked with Razor Leaf but it barely graze the fatty body of Snorlax. Snorlax dashed an attack with the move Rollout that Torterra disrupted with Earthquake. Torterra used Solar Beam that directly hit the off balance Snorlax. Snorlax was fairly hurt.
Snorlax stands back to his feet and attacked Torterra with a full powered Hyper Beam that forced Torterra to retire from the battle.
Torterra Fainted.
[Red 3 – Violet 3]

Venusaur returns to the field for Red while Staraptor will battle for Violet.
Staraptor took flight and used Aerial Ace for his first attack, a move that is almost unavoidable. Venusaur received a heavy damage.
Venusaur shoot a Solar Beam that Staraptor clashed with a Hyper Beam, the collision creates an explosion in the middle of the arena that blows away both of the Pokemons.
Venusaur was the first one that manage recovered and attack Staraptor who was knocked down on the ground with Razor Leaf. Staraptor was defenseless, and therefore receives the full damage of the attack.
Staraptor Fainted.
[Red 4 – Violet 3]

For her next Pokemon, Violet chooses Milotic while Venusaur stays.
Venusaur used Razor Leaf that Milotic defended with a barrage of Aqua Tail followed with a counterattack of  Hydro Pump, as a plant-type, Venusaur manage to deplete the damage into half, however, Milotic fired another follow up attack using Ice Beam that heavily extended the earlier damage that Venusaur received.
Venusaur Fainted.
[Red 4 – Violet 4]

Lapras was Red's next Pokemon while it is still Milotic for Violet.
Milotic and Lapras both fired Ice Beam on each other, the clash nullifies both attack, so Milotic blast a Hydro Pump while Lapras with another Ice Beam. Ice beats water, and the Ice Beam of Lapras freeze the Hydro Pump along with Milotic. Milotic was frozen and is unable to move.
Lapras attacked the defenseless Milotic with Brine and since the strength of Milotic was already reduced into half, the Brine attack caused a more critical damage to her.
Milotic Fainted.
[Red 5 – Violet 5]

Floatzel, the last Pokemon of Violet entered the arena to battle against Lapras.
Floatzel used the move Aqua Jet to engage the first attack that inflicted a direct damage to Lapras.
Lapras countered with a Hydro Pump that Floatzel evaded by increasing his speed movement through Agility. Floatzel dashed nearer to Lapras attacking him with Quick Attack followed with an Aqua Tail. Lapras failed in avoiding any of the attacks and had received a heavy amount of damage from Floatzel.
Lapras blast a Hydro Pump that Floatzel countered with a Hyper Beam. The Hyper Beam of Floatzel had completely defeated the Hydro Pump of Lapras and inflicted another great deal of injury to him.
Lapras Fainted.
[Red 5 – Violet 5]

Both of them are now down to their last Pokemons, Snorlax for Red and Floatzel for Violet.

"I kind of feel nostalgic right now," said Red.

"Feeling the same way her," Violet replied.

"I don't want to wait another 2 years for a rematch, so make this count."

Violet nodded, "Floatzel! Go!"

"Snorlax! Go!"

Snorlax fired a Hyper Beam that Floatzel countered with his own Hyper Beam. Both attacks connected on each other them but with Snorlax having a tougher body receives a smaller amount of damage compared to Floatzel who seriously hurt by the attack.
Floatzel.attacked Snorlax's body with Aqua Tail but it was barely effective against the tough skin and thick fat of Snorlax.
Snorlax blasted him again with another Hyper Beam that Floatzel evaded by the help of Agility that enhances his speed.

This looks hopeless. Violet thought, none of Floatzel's attacks are very much effective against Snorlax. She needs to find a way to deal with that if she doesn't want this fight to end with another draw or worst, to her defeat.

Looking closely on Snorlax, she tried to find an opening on the attack of the Pokemon, any weakness that she can use so that Floatzel can beat him.

Finally, she found one but it is very risky. If she misses even just a slight second, Floatzel will surely lose.

"Floatzel! Aqua Tail!" she commanded.

Floatzel used Aqua Tail again to attack Snorlax, and as usual it barely hurt him. Snorlax used a Body Slam to smash Floatzel to the ground, lucky enough that Floatzel manage to escape before he gets squished by the huge body of Snorlax.

Violet await for the right opportunity and when it does,

Snorlax used Hyper Beam.

"Floatzel! Aqua Tail! Hit Snorlax's chin!"

As Snorlax charged for the Hyper Beam, Floatzel smashed Snorlax's chin with Aqua Tail, forcing Snorlax's mouth to close and blast the Hyper Beam inside his mouth.

Snorlax's outside might be tough but it's not the same as the insides.

Snorlax Fainted.
[Red 5 – Violet 6]

Champion: VIOLET

When the battle ended and Violet was declared as the winner, she took a long and deep sigh to relax herself after those 2 long hours of intense battle against Red. She gazed to him at the other side of the arena that despite his defeat is smiling towards her.

Violet smiled in return and mumbled, "That settles everything now."



Violet feels the cool and refreshing breeze that touches her cheeks as the Luxury Ship of Mr. Richie sails towards Johto for the first destination of the Round Trip all over the 5 Regions that she won during the tournament of the Pokedex Holders. And along with her is only Togetic who is resting on her shoulders while her other Pokemons are somewhere inside the huge Luxury Ship, also enjoying the fruit of their hardworks during the tournament.

Floatzel and Milotic are surely in a place where there is swimming pool.

Torterra is probably is probably somewhere where he can eat.

There is a Gym and a Yoga Class inside the ship too, so there is a great chance that Medicham will be there.

While Staraptor just passed by above her, he's been going around the ship playing with other Bird Pokemons.

Violet smiled, she's so happy that all her Pokemons are relaxing and enjoying too like her, they all deserve it.

Looking down on her hands, she's holding a postcard, the same kind of postcard that she sent to all of the other participants of the tournament, stating that she's on her way to their first destination and she's having the greatest time of her life.

Literature Commission for :iconsunny0295:


Chapter 6: The FINALS! Red vs. Violet

Pokemon Violet Ch.1 Chapter 1: The Gathering

Violet walk sluggishly as she makes her way through the hill that leads towards the Pummelo Stadium. She is so damn tired after the 10 hours of non-stop travel through planes and ships all the way from home up to this distant place of the Orange Archipelago.

This nightmare all started a few days ago while she was training her little Togepi when she received a mysterious message through her Pokedex. She actually found it very weird because all she knows is that the Pokedex is only meant to store and provide informations about Pokemons, but she never experienced ever since she received it from Professor Oak that it ca

Pokemon Violet Ch.2 Chapter 2: The Tournament Begin!

Like a blink of an eye, two days of preparations for the Pokedex Holders Pokemon Battle Tournament had already passed by, and Violet along with the other Pokedex Holders patiently await in front of the huge monitor inside the waiting area for the announcement of the match ups for the first round of the tournament.

All in all, there are 20 participants, her, Bronze, Red, the mastermind of the event, Green. Green's close friends, Silver. Gold, a close friend of Red and also Silver's rival. The Comedy Duo, Diamond and Pearl and their friend Platina. Red's rival Blue, and their friends Crystal and Yellow. White

Pokemon Violet Ch.3 Chapter 3: The First Round End! And the Results are…

The battle between the Comedy Duo ended up with Pearl's win with the score of 6-5. The two trainers are so evenly matched that all of their first 5 Pokemons had fainted leading them to the deciding match that features their final Pokemons.

Third Battle: Pearl vs. Diamond

Diamond chooses Bastiodon while Pearl chooses Infernape.
Infernape engage the first attack using Mach Punch which Bastiodon defended with Iron Defense. Batiodon was unaffected by Infernape's attack.
Bastiodon countered with a Heavy Slam that Infernape clashed with Close Combat. Both Pokemons were hurt.

Pokemon Violet Ch.4 Chapter 4: Day Two, Round Two!

For the matches for the Second Round of Pokedex Holders Tournament,
Green will battle against Bronze,
While Violet and Red will go against Pearl and Cheren,
Black is going to face Emerald,
And Sapphire against Blue.

"Looks like you've been paired up with a bothersome opponent," Violet said to Bronze.

"I think I can handle it," Bronze replied to her while half of his thought is trying to figure out an effective tactic in order to defeat Green.

"Want a tip?" she offered.

"No thanks, I think I got it figured out."

Violet shrugged, "Okay."

The participants entered the Arena.

First Battle: Green vs. Bronz

Pokemon Violet Ch.5 Chapter 5: The Semi Finals Begin, A Mysterious Trainer Appear!

It was the Day 3 now of the tournament of the Pokedex Holders, and Violet and along with the other 4 semi-finalists was gathered by Mr. Richie on his Private Suite in a hotel not far from the Pummelo Stadium an hour before the match.

"Hello my Dear Trainers," Mr. Richie greeted. "First of all I would like to congratulate you all for making it this far on the tournament. You all just proved that you're worth as Pokemon trainers."

Violet smiled on the kind words from Mr. Richie. It is really a great honor to make it this far on the tournament especially that all of their opponent
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