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Rainie Winchester shifted the gear as she pumped down the break and spun the steering wheel of her Mazda RX-7 to drift herself to the last corner towards the finish line.

Glancing on the side mirror, she rolled her eyes upon finding it empty.

None among her 4 opponents that all boasted that they are the best on the area had given her a thrilling fight. All they did was to eat her dusts.

Crossing the Finish Line crowded with dozens of Street Racing fanatics that are both waiting and frantically cheering, she exited her beloved Race Car, showing them how she conquered the race.

And like a wildfire in a field of parched grasses, she was surrounded by her supporters and fans, giving her high-fives, compliments, and salutations as walked towards Maxwell, the host of the Race to claim her prize.

"Well done, Doll," he said, handing her her 5 Grand winnings.

"Thanks Max," she said, kissing the banded bills.

She was about to return to her car when the 4 wimps started to arrive, pissed that they were all shamefully defeated by a girl in a supposed to be a "Big Boys" kind of game.

Well sorry for them. This little girl knows how to play with big boys too.

One of them approached her and said, "You just got yourself lucky!"

Rainie smirked, "Dude, a victory in an inch gap is called Luck, but a victory in a miles gap is called Superiority."

"Don't get too cocky, bitch!"

"Victors have all the rights to be cocky, losers can only whine. Dick!"

His robust face frowned, stiffened. Obvious that she'd pissed him off greatly, bringing him to the edge of his patience. And true to her intuition, his hand rise to the air in the most perfect position to give her a good slap. Rainie prepared to block, but before he could do her any harm, a huge and muscled hand grabbed his arm.

"Hey," her stranger savior said to her assaulter. "Respect the lady."

He's a tall and bulky man, standing at 6 feet flat. Groomed in a muscle shirt, exposing the bulks of his masculinity, his physique can be compared to a pro-wrestler or a bouncer. Muscular and well toned. He has an eye-catching bald hair which are obviously been shaved clean in purpose, that adds up more toughness on his already very manly appearance.

Her assaulter's eyes were instantly filled with dread the moment that he saw him. And with a frustrating groan, and a last glance of feral glare towards her, he left and drove off from the area.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said. "Thanks."

"I watched your game," he said. "You're one hell of a racer."

Rainie smiled on the compliment, "That's very flattering."

His gaze studied her, and then took a glance over her Mazda, "Know what, the night is still young, and I'm sure your game didn't give you a boil on your blood."

Raising her brows on his statement, she asked, "So what are you implying?"

"Have a race with me."

"That sounds great," she said, crossing her arms on her chest. "But what is it for me?"

She then followed his gaze that leads towards a Dodge Challenger SRT8, a monster car that she'd been dreaming to have for years. "If you win, that monster is as good as yours."

"And if I don't?"

"Tomorrow, Valentines Day, Mastro's Steakhouse, 10AM, wear something blue."

Her eyes widened, he half-grinned. A car for a date? That doesn't sound equivalent. But what the hell. If she wins, she'll have the car of her dream, if she lose, she'll be dating a dreamboy, she's in a win-win situation despite of the outcome, so why not? "Deal."

Maxwell prepared their race, and the two of them settled on the starting point waiting for the flags to wave Go.

Glancing to her right where he and his Challenger are dotted, he gave her again that half-curved smile when he caught her staring. "Eyes on the road," he said.

Biting her lower lip, she focused her attention to the road ahead and to the flag that will wave go any seconds now.

And once Maxwell had settled all the bets, he signaled to the bombshell that holds the flags.

And simultaneously as the flags waved downward, both their cars blasted into full acceleration.

Rainie shifted to the next gear and increased her speed. She gained a temporary gap of 2 meters from him which he immediately recovered. Drifting to the first corner, they dashed towards the heavily occupied road where they one by one skipped each car that blocks their way.

Finally making it through the maze like traffic, she shifted to a higher gear, pumping her Mazda's acceleration to 100 miles per hour. She gained the lead, but the Challenger was just an inch away from her, tailing the back of her car.

She amplified the acceleration to 120 to get rid of him. But like a magnet, his car draws closer every single time that she attempted to widen the gap.

"Damn!" she hissed in annoyance. Two corners left, and yet she can't still get rid of him. How frustrating.

Gears shifted down, and they drifted to the second to the last corner. Once straightened up, accelerations were at full speed again. And this time, they drove side to side.

A quarter of a mile is left before the last corner. And the last chance to beat him. Flipping up all the switches, she prepared to ignite her Nitro Boost once they passed the last corner.

Gears down for the last time, they pumped their breaks and maneuvered their steering wheels to slide their tires on the curved road. And recovering back to straight running, she ignited her Nitro Boost, sending her Mazda flying into a speed of 160 miles per hour.

However, she realized that she used it too early. She's at Top Speed but she didn't gain a decent amount of gap, he's still tailing her and he's not even in Nitro Mode yet.


Her speed slowed down as the effect of the Boost diminished, only then that the Challenger went Nitro Mode and stole the lead from her.

They crossed the Finish Line and race ended on her defeat.

"Tomorrow," he said when they exited their respective cars. "I'll be expecting you." And then he started to leave.

"Wait!" She chased after him. When he ceased his advance and faced her, she said, "I'm Rainie, Rainie Winchester. What's your name?"

The half-curved smile resurfaced on his face again and said, "Dom, Dominic Toretto."

Rainie smiled back at him, pleased that even though she'd lost, she'll be spending her Valentines with him. "Nice to meet you, Dom. I'll be in blue tomorrow."

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Honestly what love was all the more narrative of the race!, Never thought it was a fic so cool and full of pieces of street history, I love all d everdad!
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