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:star: Chapter 2

:bulletred: When he returned, Morphin heard the shower going. He walked to the door and found it locked. He shook his head and Teleported inside the thick steamed room, barely eyeing her balled against the wall as her body getting flickered by the countless drops of water. He lifted her up by her arms, frowning to find her still wrapped with her messy clothes.

"You haven't cleaned yourself yet." When she only stared down to the floor, he demanded, "Why?"

She still keeps on looking down, refusing to answer.

Growing impatient on his Bride's unresponsiveness, he set her away and stripped his clothes. The warm temperature of the drops of water striking his bare skin pleasured him. But not as much as seeing the surprised expression of his Bride upon seeing him unclothed. Her gaze was totally locked on his rock hard erection, like it was the first time that she'd seen one. "Take of your clothes, little girl."

"I-I will never…" her words died when he clutched both her shoulder and pinned her to the tiled bathroom wall.

"I wasn't asking," he said slowly as he trailed his hands over her semi-torn T-shirt and forcefully ripped them off her. Each slice of fabric forces her to let out a loud grasp, grasps that are music to his ears.

"What do you want from me?" she trembled, her arms tightening around her bare breast.

He studied her, in a gaze that could almost consume her. The sight of her creamy white skin covered only by her thin undergarment is like an addictive drug to him. Her legs are plump and voluptuous, making him growl on the idea of having them wrapped around his waist when he claimed her while those little fingers of hers are savagely scratching his back accompanied with her sweet screams of pleasure. Not able to resist the urge it any longer, he kissed her, tearing the remaining piece of satin that covers her.

She tried to push him away but it was futile against him. He pinned her hands above her head, repeating the same process that he'd done earlier when they were in bed. Her defenses collapse and in no time, he found her kissing him back.

He broke the join and met her gaze. Her eyes both state fear and confusion.

"Please, stop," she breathed unevenly against the pouring water.

"Stop? Why?"

"I-I don't want to do this."

"But you're body is telling something else." When she looked away, he said, "Admit it, little girl. You want this."

"No, no, no," she sobbed, still denying the undeniable truth. "I don't want this. Not like this."

Her cries reached him, but not enough to quench the desire that blinds him. "Then let's make a bargain. You stay with me here. We will do things my way. And I'll promise. I won't do anything further than just exploring you."

"You'll do that?"

"I vow it."

She deliberated first for a moment but later agree on his terms. "What do want me to do?"

:bulletyellow: "What do want me to do?" she asked.

At the end of her statement, he instantly turned her and pressed her back against his chest. Of course, she was extremely startled especially that she could feel his huge erection pulsing against her buttocks. "Tell me your name, little girl," he softly whispered against her ear.

"M-my name is Willow."

"Willow," he growled, his hands exploring from her shoulders down to the length of her arms. Lifting them up, he placed them against the tiled wall. "What a beautiful name."

Her mind was racing. Not knowing what to do. She couldn't be more unprepared into situations like this and she was a fool to agree into this. But on the other hand, she doesn't really have a choice. He's a man with a terrifying size with a strength that can take down dozens of people single-handedly. It finally then registered into her that she's in a loss-loss situation. He can do anything that he wanted on her and she's powerless to stop him.

She drew her head back in surprise when he began running soap down her back going down to her legs. Her face reddened, embarrassed that this stranger man is seeing her this way. She strove hard not to peek back at his huge erection as he moved. But she can't help it, she was intrigued, and his size was eye-catching. She tried not to notice that his body is well built too, that muscles are pulsating all over him, and that he doesn't have even a single ounce of fat. And moreover, she doesn't want to notice that he has 8 evenly chambered packs on his abdomen. Her hands curled into fists as she fights the urge to turn around and dig her nails on them.

He scrubbed off the dirt and mud from her knees. When he rubbed against her thigh, her reflexes jerked to shove her legs together. Growling in frustration, he stood up, pressed her back against his chest, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He started exploring her front. His calloused hands caressed her breasts. She whimpered upon feeling those rough palms of his brushed against one of the most sensitive part of her body. "You're skin is so soft," he murmured in her ears before slightly nibbling them with his fang.

She shivered. One compliment and all of her defenses and resistance collapsed in an instance. Weird, she knows in her self that she's not that kind of woman who will easily gave in into a man. If there is something where she's extremely good at, that is on resisting men, the one great reason why she's so single. But with him, one word, one kiss, one touch, her mind and body gives up everything and held nothing back.

"Spread your legs," he commanded.

"But….ahhhh!" Before she could complain, his hand was already on her sex. Two fingers caressed her sensitive flesh, stroking and teasing her. Her legs involuntarily spread open, giving him more access on the most delicate part of her body. "Oh my God!"

He sealed her screams with a kiss. She moaned on his mouth while his hands are still exploring her once untouched body. It feels so wrong that this stranger is petting her body. But it doesn't deny the fact that she's very aroused from his touches. In the past, she dreamed a thousand faces and a thousand ways on how she'll be touched on her first time. But those dreams are nothing compared to this reality even if it's with a Vampire.

Without breaking any contact that he established, he slowly spun her around so she's facing him. After 10 or so minutes, he pulled away from their joined lips and placed more attention in caressing her folds. He let her scream to her heart's content this time as the speed of his fingers that are coming in and out of her opening augments. And after a dozen more thrust, she screamed wildly and her body clenched instantly, shuddering her through her first orgasm, drowning her in an explosion of pleasure.

When he removed his fingers, her wobbling knees instantly touched the floor. Panting heavily, her mind was floating in deep space after experiencing such intense pleasure that she doesn't even know exists.

Barely recovering, he helped her back to her feet, supporting her to stay up with his strong arms. He tucked her closer to him, claiming her mouth once again.

"Do you want more?" he asked.

More of that? Her first orgasmic experience had left her barely standing and she doesn't know if she can still take another wave of that. But as if her body is moving on its own accord, she nodded.

He cupped her ass in his hands, lifting her up and raised her to his mouth as if she weighed no more than a pillow. Cradling her, he eased her back to lean her head to the wall. Using every last ounce of strength she had, she buried her fingers on his thick hair as she holds onto him.

Running his face against her thigh, his hot lips explored her plump legs, making her senses more sensitive. Magnifying everything, even the drops of water that splashed on her skin heightened the pleasure.

And when his tongue first dipped to her flesh, he gave a wild groan against her. Pressing his mouth deeper to her center, he thrust his hungry tongue inside her, licking her thoroughly.

"Yes!" With a cry, she jerked her legs, tightening them on his shoulders, but he held them fast, spreading them again on the way that they supposed to.

"God!" he grated, as his tongue snaked inside her. "I'll never get enough of this."

"Ahhh!" she cried, then moaned. "Oh my God!"

When she came with a scream, he never allowed her to take a breath before he ravaged her for another wave of orgasm much powerful than the last. Her eyes went wild open as she exploded against the greediness of his mouth.

As her release slowly subsided, her vision spun, her eyelids felt heavy. And once it was all over, everything around her turns black.

:bulletred: Morphin smiled upon realizing that Willow had actually passed out when he settled her down. Carrying her petite body on his arms, he Teleported them to her room and lay his exhausted Bride on the bed. Once he's certain that she's fast asleep in utmost comfort, he joined her on her bed.

Morphin had missed the feeling of sleeping with someone. When he was younger, he had numerous lovers, all beautiful and passionate and had sated his desires. But when he gained his immortality at the age of 27, his body was turned into a walking corpse with no blood, no heartbeat, and no need of oxygen.

For centuries, he searched for his Bride, the only woman that can Revive his undead body. But he soon gave up believing that he could never have one. But he was wrong and extremely glad that he was, because at the moment, she's right here next to him. He can hear her heartbeat, can feel her soft breathing against his face, and can hear the soft snores of her slumber.

It was Heaven. She's Heaven. His Beloved Bride.

Snuggling Willow closer to him, he breathed her sweet scented hair. Before he met her, surviving for another day was the only thing that matters to him. But now that she's here, he wanted to experience how to live once again. He had already lived his life without his heart for so long, and now, because of her, he had it back.

But today was just the beginning, what they shared was only the starting point of his long quest to win her heart.

:bulletyellow: Willow had always wondered what it would be like to share her bed with someone. She had never experienced it, never felt another person's skin against her own for more than a brief moment.

But when she came awoke not so long ago, that bewilderment was finally answered when she found herself wrapped around his arms. And to all honesty, the unfamiliar closeness feels remarkable. His body was warm and soothing. Looking at his face, her breathing ceases, struck, he's actually more handsome up close.

His eyes slowly open, expressing shock and then tranquility when he saw her. "Hi," he smiled.

Willow's cheeks steamed immediately, "Erm…Hi," she replied breathlessly.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked, reaching over to brush her hair from her face.

"Yeah. A-and y-you?"

He gave her that devilish grin that made her heart skip a beat. "I actually did for once."

Suddenly, he removed the blanket that covers her bare body. "What are you doing!?" she exclaimed, trying to pull the cover back.

"I just want to enjoy the view," he grinned wider, his gaze running up and down on her, exploring her.

"What do you think of me, a Theme Park?" she said, covering her body with her hands.

He scooped her and pulled her closer to him. "No," he said, pressing his hand against her cheek. "What I think is that you're a very beautiful woman," then pulled his fingers gently down her face, lightly tracing from her throat, to her breast and then all the way down to my waist. Her eyes rolled back on the sensation. "Irresistible in all aspects."

"You're getting silly," she panted.

Swiftly, in an inhuman speed that her eyes couldn't catch, he was above, pinning her down to the bed. "I beg your pardon?"

Her widened eyes blinked on him, "What did I say?"

"You said that I'm being silly. My interpretation on that is that you think that I have a bad taste in women."

That's not what she really meant, she just really don't find herself beautiful, attractive, or irresistible. That's all.

"For your information," he dipped down and kissed her neck, sending her shiver. "I only choose the best," he said, then moved his head down again for a kiss.

Like breathing air or doing any necessity, Willow kissed him back without any second thought, surprised that she's getting accustomed on their very odd connection. Her reply made his kisses grow more aggressive. She tried to return the same favor but his strength overpowers her. And when he pulled away, her lips were dragged up a little like she's refusing to let go of him. "What was that for?" she panted.

"Persuasion," he said. "Now, do you still think I'm being silly?"

It's kind of shameful but she wants another kiss, "Uhm…Yes."

He didn't fail her and kissed her again, more demanding, hungrier than the previous. "Have it your way, I can do this all day."

Alright, she think it's already the time to stop, he's getting a little too pushy already. And she fears that she might not be able to resist on the latter part if things will continue this way.

"Where are you going?" he asked grabbing her wrist when she tried to get off the bed.

Her stomach growled, in a degree that even he can hear. "I'm hungry."

:bulletred: Morphin doesn't want her out of the bed, but witnessing that sexy back of her as she strode naked towards the fridge makes that lost worth it. But when she returns holding a pack of potato chips, his face curved into a frown. "What's that?"

"Uhhmm…Potato Chips," she shrugged.

"I know that it's potato chips," he clarified and get off the bed, approached her and took the plastic pack from her. "What I'm asking is why you're eating this?"

"It's the only one available on the fridge."

"Why don't you buy some meat or any other food aside from junks?"

She looked down, cheeks tainting in bright red, "I-I can't cook."

Fair enough reason. "Can't cook?" he repeated. Morphin sighed and stepped aside the unhealthy food that Willow had been eating. "Get dress," he ordered. "You should be ready when I get back."


"You'll know when I get back," he said and Teleported to his bedchamber.

Leaving Willow, Morphin prepared everything while he was away. He groomed himself with the best pair of attire that he could find on his closet, and made a call to book for a reservation. He's certain that it's nighttime on that place already. And it will be perfect to bring her there for a dinner.

When everything was set and done, he returned to her room and found her sitting at the edge of the bed, dressed in a dark blue long sleeve sweater and a semi-fitted jeans, she's swaying and humming a nursery rhyme while her little fingers are drumming her inflated cheeks. He materializes behind her, so she doesn't have any clue that he's around already. He refused to reveal himself for a moment to enjoy the view. She's so cute, she reminds him of a pre-school little girl waiting for her parents to fetch her.

"Are you ready?" he finally broke his obscurity as he approached her.

She flinched a little on the sound of his voice before looking back. She blows the air in her mouth upon the sight of him, her cheeks burning in redness again. "Yeah," she said, slightly looking down.

He pulled her to her feet, and caged her with his body with her face slightly rested on his chest.

She inhaled against the fabric of his suit and looked up on him with those big bubbly eyes. "What are we going to do?" she curiously asked.

"It's a surprise," he told her. "Now, close your eyes."

:bulletyellow: You've got to be kidding me! Willow exclaimed mentally.

The Vampire had reserved a private garden terrace in a fine restaurant in Italy.


Willow felt so odd and was kind of freaked out that she's in a distant place right now when minutes ago she was in Detroit.

But she can't also lie to her self that the experience is spectacular, it was like a dream. Below them lies Rome shimmering in lights at night and the St. Peter's Dome, a place that she only sees in postcards.

Her entire body was tense as he walked her to their table. And once they were seated, the Server arrived with a trolley filled with red wine. She refused the alcohol and request for a pineapple juice instead. And as the man poured the red wine to Morphin, he couldn't help to glance on the vampire's sunglasses that hid his blood colored eyes. Of course the man will find it weird that someone is wearing them at nighttime.

When they were alone, he took off his sunglasses exposing his crimson colored eyes. "Is it freaking you out?"

"The what?" She asked.

"The bloody red eyes," he said. "It must have been scaring you."

She burst out laughing. "FYI. Everything about you freaks me out."

He chuckled. Wearing back his sunglasses, he dragged his chair so that he can be closer to the table, closer to her. "And what part of me freaks you out the most?"

She took another drink on her pineapple juice and this time drinking up the entire content. The alcohol could aid her some courage. "Let me think. First you're a vampire, second you can go into places without walking, and third, is that you just suddenly jumped into my normal life and then do things to me that no man had ever done."

"Wait!" he exclaimed. "What do mean no man? Are you saying that you're a…"

"Yes," she interceded before he could say the word Virgin. "Yes I am."

His jaw almost dropped on the table. "How can you be a virgin at your age?"

"Oh c'mon! I'm only 19, and there are thousands of other women that are older than me that haven't slept yet with a man. And I told you, I have sun allergy. Men find it disgusting when they see my skin blisters. They said it turns them off."

"Well, they're all stupid," he said in clenched teeth. And then that sexy evil grin that can shake her to her very core emerges on his face. "Or maybe," he reached his hand to caress her face, "they're reserving you for me."

Willow doesn't know how to react on the statement. She froze again like what she usually does while he continuously touched her now reddening face. Good thing that the server had arrived with their food and the connection was broken. Only then that she was able to take a breath.

The dishes began to arrive one after another with expensive wines accompanying each meal course. Willow savored most of the foods that she seldom tasted even when she as still back at home.

"I thought vampires only drink blood?"

"We can still eat human foods. It's just that we don't have too since it can't really sate our real hunger…or thirst. But still, it's good to have even just the taste."

"Does it taste good?"

"C'est exquis comme tes lÚvres."

"What does that mean?"

"Delicious like your lips."

She shouldn't have asked. She's growing more embarrassed of making him see her reddened like a tomato every single time that he teased her. Like now. "You're being silly." Her body immediately stiffened after breathing the statement. Damn! The Forbidden Words.

He glared at her, "Do you want persuasions again?"

She hyperventilated, "No thanks."

For the dessert, the server brought Mille-feuille and Fruit Tart. Willow sampled each of the delicacy, savoring their unique tastes. However, her feasting was interrupted by his intensifying stare. His blood red eyes stared at her like he could devour her any minute.

They didn't speak until they finished their…how should she called it…Date? Dinner? Whatsoever. He Teleported them back to her room where she immediately jump to her bed, surprise on how exhausted she was. She was so dead tired but at the same time satisfied on the wonderful experience that she shared with her stranger vampire. "Are you going to stay?"

He took off his heavy coat and crawled above her. Brushing the strands of hair that are obscuring her face, he dipped down to kiss her lightly and whispered, "Do you want me to stay?"

"It depends."

"Depends on what?"

"It depends on what you're willing to bargain to spend the night with me." Willow could sense it. She's growing more shameless by seconds. She knows that this is not so her. Oh God! She's actually inviting a man to her bed.

"I could promise the same thing that I did last time."

"That doesn't count," she said. "Aside from that?"

"Well, what do you want?"

Both her hands reached up to touch his handsome face, "Tell me your name, vampire."

He closed his eyes and inhaled against her skin, "Morphin," he said dreamily. "Morphin Sullivan."

"Morphin," she repeated. At last, she knows his name. "Would you stay with me?"

"If you don't mind?"

Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her, resting his face on the hollow space of her neck where his warm and shallow breathings tickled her. "Just don't bite."

"Don't worry. I'll let you know when I'm about to."

Willow brushed his heavily layered hair with her fingers. Closing her eyes, she inhaled his pleasing scent before drifting to sleep.

:bulletred: Morphin came awake with an extreme pain on his groin. Moving swiftly away from the arms of Willow, he fiercely fought the urge not to jump on to her and ravish on her unconscious body and to sink his fangs on her neck. "What's going on?" he grated.

Teleporting to his bedchamber where he can't see his Bride, he raided the fridge for blood. He consumed 4 packs but felt no relief, both in hunger and lust. It took him 4 more consumption before his raging body had calmed down.

Lost and confuse on what had just got into him, he searched the bookshelf for his father's journal. He was only 6 when he and her mother died. Quite too early on his opinion, but despite of that, his father had prepared everything to aid him in learning everything about their kind if ever he won't be there to do it himself.

Scanning through the pages of the journal, he came across a script about Mating.

Once in every century, the Red Moon will rise, signaling the season to mate for all the paired vampires. By the stroke of midnight under the light of the Red Moon, all Revived vampires will be driven by their instincts and lust to mate with their Brides and it cannot be ceased until the setting of the Red Moon.

Symptoms are as follows:

:bulletblack: Excessive Blood Hunger.
:bulletblack: Sudden Groin Pain.
:bulletblack: Sudden Erection.
:bulletblack: Nausea.
:bulletblack: Uncontrollable Shape Shifting.
:bulletblack: Increased Strength and Energy.

Once the initial symptoms emerge on males, all Brides have less than a week to thoroughly prepare both their minds and bodies to accept their partners during their most frenzied state. The preparations are extremely essential to avoid severe exhaustion on Brides which could sometimes lead to forced hibernation and sometimes even death.

Morphin stared in disbelief as he finished reading his father's journal. He just experienced the initial symptoms, pertaining that anytime soon he will enter into a savage state where he will claim his Bride under the influence of the Red Moon.

But the problem is that the journal is concerning about Brides that are immortal vampire women. Not about a 19 year old human girl who had never been with a man. He doesn't know if Willow could withstand mating with him in that state.

No. There is a great chance that she might not make it. Even for vampire woman, the Red Moon is quite dangerous if they are unprepared. And Willow is no vampire. She's just a sweet fragile little girl. Mating with him is too dangerous for her.

But he can't also stay away from even if he wanted to. Having her company is like a vice to him now. He can no longer spend an hour without seeing her or having her by his side, especially not after all that they'd just shared.

He must find a way to get them through this. He must find a way to keep her with him and to keep her safe from him.

:bulletyellow: He wasn't there when she woke up. And in all honesty, not having that perverted vampire around was more of a nuisance than a relief to her.

Lying in the couch while hugging a huge pillow, she waits impatiently for him to arrive, something that she'd been doing for the entire day already.

Yes, he scares her to death, and he also forced her to do a lot of naughty things. But she also enjoys the attention and the company, and the way that he make her feel special. With him, she feels that she's important and wanted. Two feelings that are both a complete alien to her.

Blinking her shutting eyes, she forced herself to keep them open, to fight her drowses. She doesn't want to sleep yet, not until she sees him. It feels so incomplete that he day is about to end without seeing him. Sounds crazy, right? Feeling something like that to a man she barely knew.

But what can she do about if that's the way that Morphin makes her feel.

Suddenly, something cold blows around her for a second. Her lips curved into a smile, knowing that it's Morphin's presence.

"Waiting for me?" Morphin said, materializing on the other side of the couch.

Willow pushed herself up to sit up on the couch, "Uhmm…Yeah," she replied, having that usual blush on her cheeks. "I want to," she yawned, "talk."

"About what?"

Her expression firmed a little, demeanor getting serious. "Everything," she shrugged. "You, me, the rest of the things that we must know on each other, I want us to know all of them."

"And why should I do that?"

"Because I will sleep with you if you do."

"We already did that?"

"I mean I will sleep with you with my legs wrapped on your waist," she corrected. "Get it?"

Morphin choked on the statement. It was the first time that Willow caught the witty vampire off guard. "Are you serious?"

"Dead serious," she said. "Now, are you interested or not?"

:bulletred:Hunger for Love Ch.2:bulletred:
:bulletyellow: Literary Commission for =ayu16

:bulletgreen: Characters:

:star: Willow McKenzie

:bulletyellow: A 19 year old Human Girl, only daughter of the richest family in Detroit. She runs away from home when her parents placed her into an Arranged Marriage. She's very shy, speaks so lowly, and has sun allergy. She easily gets scared and froze like a statue when encountering dangerous situations.

She's currently living in Metro Station to hide from her parents.

:star: Special Ability: None. But she's is Morphin's destined Bride

:star: Morphin Volkonsky

:bulletred: A 492 year old Vampire that own Metro Station. He's very attractive, a bit pervert, and carrying a bad guy look. He's patient, and likes to scare people whether in purpose or not. He's intelligent, looks noble and dark, and respectful.

:star: Special Abilities:

1. Mood Perception
2. Teleportation
3. Immortality
4. Super Strength and Speed

:bulletred:CHAPTER 1|:bulletred:CHAPTER 3|:bulletred:CHAPTER 4|:bulletred:EPILOGUE|:bulletred:THE ASCENSION
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