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:star: Chapter 1.

:bulletred: Morphin Volkonsky gazed below from his bedchamber on the occupants of his domain. His dark red eyes meandered through the tribes of black-clad Goths, ragged men, women and children that calls this underground hole of Metro Station their home.

Clutching his itching throat, he tried to find a way to divert his attention from his thirst. It had been four days since his last feeding and the Members haven't find a new occupant for the Guest Area for him to feed on. Most of the Guests are weak already, so he can't afford to feed from any of them for the time being or else they will certainly die.

"What's taking them so long?" he hissed. They should have found a new occupant by now.

Tormented, starving, and friendless, he continued to watch the humans from below. Couples strolling around, families gathering together for the night, group of friends hanging along, all seems to mocking his loneliness.

Morphin sighed. Why is it that it's bothering him? He had been alone for more than 400 years ever since his family died. He doesn't care about anything else other than surviving, to sustain himself every now and then. To keep himself alive.

Morphin sighed again. He keep on saying that, that his self alone is his only ally, that he doesn't need anyone or anything else that will take part on his life, that he can make it through his endless existence without any complication rather than to continue living.

But as he watched those people, those humans with finite lives that all are living and surviving in a moving phase along with their loved ones, he's having doubts if being alone is really what he wants for himself for the centuries and even eons to come.

Suddenly, from his deep wondering in his inner thought, his phone rang, answering it, it was Carla, the Head of the Members, "Boss, we got a new one."

Morphin sniffed the air, he can smell it already. A new fragrance had just arrived inside the Metro Station, and she got a very sweet aroma. "Give her the best room available," he ordered in deep a commanding voice.

"Sure Boss," she said and the line dies.

Morphin flipped his phone close and using his ability, he Teleported inside the room where his next Guest will stay.

In the darkness, he waited.

:bulletyellow: Thank God I finally found a good place to stay. Willow thought as she entered the room that the woman named Carla had provided for her inside the Metro Station.

It's not that bad on her opinion, the room is actually tidy enough. There's a bed, enough to accommodate two people, and a lots of pillows all over, a bathroom with a shower, a little kitchen, a wardrobe and an overused office desk, quite disorganized but not unclean.

And to be honest, the entire place is not that bad too. Even though Metro Station is an abandon place where most of the occupants are vagrants and homeless people. The areas outside her room where most of the occupants are staying aren't that bad of a place too. That except for the old stains and graffiti on the walls, everything about the place is neat and tidy, a comfortable place for people to accommodate.

Dropping her bags on the floor, she throws herself to the soft cushion of the bed. She's so damn tired after those last four days that she'd been running away from those men commissioned by her parents to take her back ever since the day that she runs away from home.

Her Family, the McKenzies, the richest and the most powerful Family in all of Detroit. They have connections on almost everything from banks, hotels, down to the department stores, that why it is almost impossible to hide from them in this city except if she will hide inside an underground hole which is what she's doing at the moment.

She let out a heavy sigh. Why does she have to be born a McKenzie? Most people think that she's very lucky for being the only daughter of the richest man in Detroit and therefore being also his only heir. But they don't have any idea how nightmarish her life is with them.

Every single day that passes by that she is with them, she experience nothing but them always trying to dictate her life and her future. Telling and sticking into her thick skull things like she will do this when she reached this age or she will do that when the right time comes. She could have tolerated all of those if it will just be her future that they will dictate, she can sacrifice her personal aims for them because they are her parents and she loves them.

But when they settled an arranged marriage for her to marry the son of their business partner, that already brought her over the edge. She can tolerate them on dictating her life and her future but she will never allow them to dictate who she will love and most of all, who she will marry.

That is why, with as much money that she can bring with her, along with some clothes, she runs away from home, away from her family, away from her friends, and away from the control of her father over her.

Closing her eyes, she tried to throw away those negative thought off her head, she's in need of some rest right now. Tired from running, tired from hiding, she needs some time to relax and enjoy the peaceful time of slumber.

Resting away all her thought, she drifted into a deep sleep.

:bulletred: When Morphin was certain that the new Guest had finally fallen to sleep, he swiftly and silently moved from the dark corner where he hides to the bedside of the serenely sleeping girl.

For the entire hour since she arrived, he'd been restraining himself so badly to not attack her and bite that soft luscious flesh of her and taste that sweet blood. He is not just hungry that he can't almost control himself any longer, but the girl also has the sweetest scent that he ever scented in his life. Sweet, mouthwatering, intoxicating.

His fangs are growing and getting sharper already. His burning throat can no longer wait to be quenched by her blood.

The girl lies on her stomach, hugging a huge pillow on her sleep. She had a very nice stature, slender shoulder and plump pear shaped waist. She's kind of petite also, probably just standing at 167 cm, or could be a little shorter. She got a very beautiful blonde hair that that ends on her waist and a smooth and creamy complexion.

She had a British dialect when he heard her spoke earlier with Carla about the rent, along with an accent that is kind of childish and immature.

The only part that is unknown to him is her face, he haven't got a good view of it ever since she'd arrived.

He's extremely thirsty and he wants nothing more than to take a bite from her, but a little peek on her lovely face could make a nice appetizer for him before the main course, there would be no harm in doing so.

Morphin gently flipped her, amazed on how soft her body was. She still serenely sleeps, unaware of his presence, unaware of everything. Her face is being obstructed by the strands of her hair, giving him of no full view of her. He slowly brushed those obstructions with his fingers, finally confirming his assumption. He was right, she's really lovely, her face is so cute, a combination of womanhood and youth, innocence and wisdom. She looks like the kind of woman who is simple, shy and gentle, the kind of being that he could never be.

He crawled above her without bearing his weight to her, caging her completely with his body. Removing the strands of hair that piled up on her shoulder, he exposed her neck while his gaze is still locked on her loveliness. Morphin can't understand it, but there is something on the girl that magnetized him. Not attraction or carnal desire, but something more like instinct, instinct that tell him to be near her.

Pushing away those thought, he prepared himself to sink his fangs on her, to sate his hunger. But before he could do so, the girl's eyes opened. Morphin stiffened at first but sooner he realized that she's not fully conscious, for her eyes are still weary and half-shuttered. It's certainly just one of those instances that humans slightly woke up in the middle of their sleeps before going back to deep slumbers again.

The girl smiles at him, probably thinking that she's seeing him in her dreams, not knowing that he's more than real. And even though he is, having him on her dream will certainly turns it into a nightmare.

The moment could have been simple, but the next thing that happens changes everything, complicate everything. When their eyes met, it was like a cannonball had hit his chest, like a huge explosion that occurred within his being.

He jumped away from her, another explosion again. His lips parted as he tried to comprehend. Thunderous bombs blasted again and again.

This girl…it's her.

A rhythm of echoing boom…he clutched his chest…it was heartbeat. Morphin is hearing his heartbeat for the first time in 400 years. His lungs begun to expand, waking. She was bringing him back to life.

Beading in cold sweats, Morphin fiercely shook his head in denial. He can't believe it. This is impossible.

He had been Revived.

Something that can only be accomplished by a single person.

His destined Bride.

:bulletyellow: It had been two weeks ever since she moved on Metro Station that Willow had been having this weird feeling. Everywhere she goes, despite of the time and place, she swears to God that she always carry this feeling that someone else is just right behind her, watching every single move and breath that she make.

Even now, when she just bought her groceries, for the entire trip from Metro Station, up to the store, and now back again to Metro Station, the feeling of being watched never disappear.

"Hi there," Carla greeted her.

"Hi," she greeted back softly, almost like a whisper.

"How's your stay?" she asked.

Beside the extreme paranoia, "Great," Willow said. "The room is good."

"Okay, good thing to know," Carla nodded. "By the way, if you need something, anything, just tell us and we'll gladly help."

"Sure," she smiled, grateful. "Thank you."

As she walked towards her room, one of the two guys who is along with Carla approached her and mumbled something. "What was that for?" the guy silently asked. It was almost inaudible but Willow can sense the anger on his voice.

"Nothing," she replied. "I just feel that something weird is going on."

"What do you mean?" he asked again.

She looked at them and they ceased their conversation and looked away from each other. Whatever it is that they are talking about? They surely don't want her to hear a thing about it.

Later that night, Willow gets more anxious, the feeling of being watched didn't ceases and into her dismay, it even gets worst. The people around her are stating to act weird especially Carla whom she thought is hiding something sinister from her, something that might jeopardized her safety and most of all her life.

And what makes it a lot worst than? Is that she can't leave the place because she had nowhere to go except going back to her parents. And between that and this, she'll rather choose this.

Cocooning herself on her blanket, she tried to stay awake, hyperventilating, afraid to fall to sleep and give that enigmatic being a chance to catch her defenseless.

But even though awake, what can she actually do. She knows that the moment that something dangerous gets into her, she'll froze like an ice.

"Whoever you are there?" she sobbed, speaking towards the darkness that succumb her room. "Please don't hurt me."

:bulletred: Morphin clenched his hand into fist as he watched her cry. It pains him to hell seeing her in that condition while he can't do a single thing to ease it. And what makes everything a lot worst than it already is, is that he's the reason behind it.

Ever since that night that she Revived him, he'd been keeping his eyes on her at every movement that she does. The task wasn't that hard to accomplish since they share the same sleep pattern. The girl is mostly awake at night and asleep in the morning, so it wasn't much of a problem to keep an eye on her.

He just wants to keep her safe but ending up scaring her to death. If only he can expose himself to her, he could have run to her side and comforts her. But no, he can't. Not like this, not in these circumstances. If he does, he will surely lose her for good and he doesn't want that thing to happen.

His Bride finally settled to sleep. She'd gone weary and tired from all the crying and worrying that slumber had overpowered her willpower to stay awake.

Only then that he got the chance to be near her, to touch once again, and as always she emits that calming warmth that sooths him every single time that he watched her sleep.

He knows that he'd been scaring her non-stop from all the following, but that is necessary. He wants her to stay safe, to be away from harm, and only he can protect her all the time.

Suddenly, a huge sound of explosion emitted from the outside that both startled him and awaken his Bride. In an instance, he disappeared from her field of sight the moment that she opened her eyes.

:bulletyellow: Willow was awakened by the sound of  an explosion. Scared and grasping heavily for air, she listened to the noises of people running, the banging of metals and screams of pain from the outside of her room.

"What's going on?" she asked herself.

Shaking in utter fear, she forced herself to move out of her bed to check what's going on outside. Thick smokes, dusts, and the strong stench of gunpowder and gasoline that are spread all over the place is what welcomed her.

There are people running, screaming within the black smokes, screaming with either pain or rage. She could hear so many voices but see no one.

Her shaking intensified. Maybe it was a really bad idea getting out of her room. The outside is in a total mess.

Willow tried to find her way back to her room, but she was in a total astray. The gunpowder and gasoline hurt her eyes that she can't see clearly where she's going.

"Get down!" Somebody shouted to her.

She immediately complied, at a corner of her field of vision, she saw a huge man who is about to smash her with a baseball bat, but shot him with a huge stone on the head that knock him unconscious.

She then felt somebody grabbing her arm, pulling her up to her feet. It was a person dressed in a ragged leather jacket, with black gloves, wearing a mask and goggles. The person removed the mask and goggles and it turns out to be Carla. "What are you doing here?" she exclaimed, trying her best to be audible in the middle of these chaos.

It took her some times before replying. "I heard…" she coughed. "Explosion!" she coughed again. "I check it out!"

"You should have stayed in your room!" she said. "Now, get back!"

"What's happening here?" Willow asked.

"The gangsters here started a riot! The entire Metro Station is on chaos right now!"

That's actually really obvious at the moment.

"MOVE!" she pushed her to the side. She saw that there was another attacker who is approaching them. Carla swiftly picked the baseball bat from the guy that she knocked down earlier and smashed the attacking guy to the face. "It's not safe out here!" she said to her. "Get back to your room!"

She wanted to but she can't. The smokes are too thick for her to find her way back to her room. More explosions ignited along with the sound of footsteps that are coming their way.

"RUN!" she ordered her.

Willow complied immediately hearing the huge panic on Carla's voice, forcing her shaking feet to move, she run through the narrowing corridors of Metro Station, blinded, unsure where she's going and with no safe place to stay. She runs like a helpless hare in the middle of a bull stampede.

After running for she does not know how long, her trembling legs finally gave up. Stumbling to the ground, she curved herself into a ball at one corner, needing some security in the middle of all these madness.

Then someone she couldn't see said, "Come with me." It was an angel's voice, deep and manly.

Huge, cold hands hold hers, kneading away her anguish. The relief was magical.

The next thing she knows, she's on her feet once again with the angel holding her hand.

:bulletred: Morphin cursed as he tried to find a way to move his Bride out of this current disarray in Metro Station. They'd been running from here to there but he can't still find a safe place to shelter her.

If only he could just Teleport them back to her room, he could have done that a long time already. But he cannot risk to expose his true identity to her, especially now that he'd finally come into contact with her, she will surely freak out.

The smoke is thinning to where they are heading but they are also getting more exposed to the eyes of the awaiting assaulters that are attacking people that they don't recognize as allies.

Morphin cursed again. There are three people ahead of them, all armed with weapons and are itching to use them. He immediately hid his confused Bride behind him when those men dashed towards them for an attack.

The first one swings a pipe directly to his head. Catching that piece of metal, he sent him flying with a kick. He punched the second attacker to the face right before he could execute his attack, which immediately knocked him unconscious. The last one succeeded on hitting him on the shoulder, thanks to the distraction that the first two caused him. However, such futile force can only tickle his immortal body. He get rid of the last one spinning him down to the ground

The path is cleared once again. And taking his Bride's hand, he dragged her into another run. "Where are we going?" she panted.

"A safe place is good idea."

"Why all of these are happening?"

Morphin's teeth gritted in irritation. It's all because of the Commoners causing troubles again. The Commoners are the casual homeless people that stay in Metro Station. They serve as cover ups to make the Metro Station appears like an ordinary abandoned place for the homeless instead of a home of a 492 years old Vampire. But the problem with them not knowing anything about him as the owner of the place is that he also doesn't have any control over them unlike the Members that serves him. So whenever they decide to start a ruckus that turns the Metro Station into a chaotic place, he has no any way to stop them. "Just a regular riot day for them, don't mind it. It will end up anytime soon."

His Bride didn't like the sarcasm. "You're not helping," she sobbed, her entire body still shaking fiercely in fear.


They are already getting far from the commotions but they are also heading deeper into the unoccupied areas of Metro Station. Once Morphin had assured that they are far away enough from the riot of the Commoners, they decreased their phase from running to walking.

He looked around, assuring that no one had followed. "I think we lost them."

His Bride fell to her knees, panting and sucking heavily for air after all that non-stop running.

:bulletyellow: Willow felt like her breathing ceases when she took her first glance on her savior.

Never in her life had she seen a man this good-looking, if the word "good-looking" is enough to explain his exquisite beauty. In just a single glance, his great features instantly registered in her mind.

Heavily layered hair, jet black in general with grey and silver streaks at some strands, his face is flawless attached with a pair of striking crimson colored eyes, a straight nose and a set of full and perfectly curved light red lips that looks smoother than rose petals, a pale skin complexion that almost leveled hers only paler. And even though it is well covered with his white t-shirt and black and heavy coat, the curves, the curves of the muscles of his slender body were very visible on her sense sight even in the darkness.

But moreover, what greatly took her breathe away was the sharp and tough presence that she perceives from him, never in her life that she'd experienced to be near to someone with a presence so intimidating.

Oh my God! The guy is dazzling beyond any measure.

Shivers instantly sent down her spine.

Stunned, Willow remained kneeled down. She didn't even realize that he was already pulling her up back to her feet. "Miss, are you okay now?" he asked.

Through an act of pure reflex and instinct, she nodded against him. The guy is astonishingly tall, about 186 to 187 cm in height, another one that could mock her 167 cm. She stared on his body. Overall, he's slender but well muscled.

"Yeah, I'm okay." She gulped and took a deep sigh, "Thanks."

But the guy doesn't look convince, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," she gasped, half of her mind is still numbed. "How about you?"

He had been running non-stop too just like her. Surely, he must have been tired too. "Fine," he said coolly.

"Aren't you hurt?" She saw earlier that he was hit by a pipe near his shoulder.

He smiled on the concern, "No, I'm completely okay."

"But your shoulder?"

"Don't worry about it."

Willow then realized that that they are too close to each other and his arms are actually wrapped around her. Willow's face reddened especially when their gazes met. Time stopped on her point of view at the very moment and everything around her are completely in black and white, dark and colorless. And the only light is the man who is holding her.

"I think we should start moving," he said, bringing her psyche back to reality. "We must find a way out of here."

She nodded, putting back into consideration that they are currently in an unfamiliar area inside the Metro Station. "Any idea how can we get out of here?"

He pulled away from her and looked around the maze like tunnels of the station. "I think there's an exit on the west side of the station. We can get out through there and move around back to the Main Station. I'm sure that the commotion is all over the time we get back."

:bulletred: "So, do you also live here?" His Bride asked as they walked through the tunnels of Metro Station searching for the exit.

"Sort of," he smiled. She doesn't have any idea that he's even the owner of the place. He bought the place from the City Government 10 years ago after it collapsed due to a terrorist attack.

"How long you've been living here?"

"More or less 10 years," he said. "How about you, I haven't seen you before." That was a total lie. He watched her all the time, awake or even asleep.

"I'm new," she replied. "Just been here for about 2 weeks, I didn't know that things like this happen occasionally."

"Brace yourself because this isn't going to be last, more of those will come in the near future."

"I guess I should be careful next time."

His eyebrows raised on the statement. All of those times that he'd been watching her, he confirmed one thing. That his Bride is a spineless wuss, shy and very weak hearted. If she talked with more than two people, she can't stop being red. And she shakes so much and sometimes ever froze whenever she encounters things that scare her. So he can't believe that she still planning on staying after all of those hellish experiences that she encountered. "You're still planning on staying after all that had happened?"

"I'd rather stay here than go home."

"Why?" He can sense the sudden change of emotions that are emitting from her. It's dark and sad. Whatever happened to her back home surely leave a great sorrow on her heart.

Her beautiful face looked down. "I don't want to talk about it," she breathed. "I just don't want to go back to my parent, that's all."

"But you'll have to deal more of these if you stay."

"I rather have it that way."

That concerns Morphin even more. Something serious really happened between her and her parents for someone with a weak caliber like her to rather stay in this dangerous place than to be back to their custody.

"How about you?" she asked, diverting the topic to him. "Why are you staying here?"

"Same reason as the rest of the occupants here, I don't have any other place to go."

For over 400 years, he'd been traveling from country to country, city to city, town to town, searching for a new place to stay whenever people are starting to notice that he doesn't age. So far, the Metro Station had been the best place that he found. People come and go, so no one had ever noticed his unchanging looks. There had also been people that agreed in serving him for monetary gain like Carla and the rest of the Members.

It was the perfect place for him. He didn't just expect that he will also find the greatest complication of his life in this perfect place.

"You do dress well for someone living in this kind of place."

He laughed. "Not because we lived in a rundown place that we're also the same, we do patronize some styles too."

"I can surely tell." His Bride starts laughing and it placed a smile on his face.

It was the very first time that he saw her with a lighten spirit. She's actually more beautiful when she's happy.

"Are we there already?" she suddenly asked.

"Almost." Morphin can already hear the sounds of the cars from the other side. The exit is not that far already.

At the end of the tunnel were stairways that led down towards another tunnel, but this time, there are lights emitting on its end. It was the exit. "We're here!" his Bride said merrily.

Morphin was also happy that after that long walk, it finally paid off. But his smile faded when they reached the end of the tunnel. It was already daylight! The sun was high enough that the rays are even occupying already some areas of the tunnel.

"Damn!" Morphin snarled under his breath as he took a step back into the shades.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "The exit is over there."

"Yeah I know."

"Then let's go," she started to the exit but goes back to him when she saw that he didn't budge to where he was standing. "What's the problem?" she asked. "It's already dawn outside. Let's leave."

He shook his head. "I can't."

"Why?" she asked, her heart skipping a beat in terror. "Is someone out there?"


"Then let's go."

He took a deep, aggravated breath. "The problem isn't the people. The problem is the sun."

"You also have sun allergy?" she assumed. "I have it too. Don't worry. The main area is not that far from here. I'm sure we can go around before our skins blisters."

"No, not just sun allergy. It's something much worst."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

He hesitated for a few heartbeats, but he realized that it's better if things will go this way. With that, at least he can minimize the lies and complications. He slowly opened his mouth and run his tongue over his long, pointed canine teeth.

:bulletyellow: He's Vampire!

"Oh no, no, no." Willow's entire body shook from terror as she forced her numbing legs to back away from him. "Are you going to suck my blood?" her face instantly flooded with tears.

He inched closer to her. His handsome face curved into a seductive smile. She continues on stepping back until she felt the wall on her back. Dead End! She closed her eyes as he caged her with his body. "No," he breathed in an intimidating way that sent a different kind of shiver down her spine. "But I might consider if you ask."

"Are you going to kill me?"

His face completely unamused, he sighed against her face. "If I intended to kill you, don't you think you'd be dead already?"

She could feel his hands exploring around her body. Starting from her face, her lips, neck, down to her breast and finally he cupped her buttocks and pulled her closer to him. Her fear was instantly mixed with rage and anger. In just a single instance, he let this man touch into place that she never let to be invaded by anyone.

"You're a fine woman little girl."

"Please," she panted. "Let go of me."

"I will," he said. "But not here."

One moment she is at the far side of the Metro Station and the next thing she knows is being pinned down on her bed back inside her room. What the hell! She exclaimed mentally.

His hands are all over her body again. Ripping the right side of her oversized T-shirt, he exposed her shoulder. She panted heavily in sheer terror. Is he going to suck her dry? She wanted to stop her. Badly. But her entire body is like a statue, he couldn't speak nor move.

He grabbed both of her wrists and bent down to her neck. She closed her eyes shut, expecting the worst case scenario. But on her both delight and awe, his hot lips started caressing her skin. His mouth was hot against her cold skin are making her shudder until her muscles knotted.

Her eyes almost rolled back over head in pleasure, and to her surprise, her body was actually getting less tense by every second that he continued kissing her until all of her resistance against him collapsed.

He could have felt her yielding that he let go of his hold on her. He cupped her face and pressed his lips against her. Willow moaned at the foreign sensation of having her mouth being claimed for the first time.

It feels great, and she wants more.

And as if someone else was inside her body, her arms moved by their own and wrapped themselves around his neck. He growled in delight and deepened his kisses while she, on the other hand, surrendered herself fully, letting him do whatever he pleases.

Willow lost her track of time but it was quite a while that they stayed like that before he decided to end it and broke away from their join. "You still scared of me?"

She nodded meekly. Yes, she's scared, very scared. But not just from the fact that she is in her bed along with a vampire, but from the way that he makes her feel. Yes, she's terrified, very terrified, but why is it that her body is telling her something else?

He pressed his lips against hers again, groaning on the contact, he pressed harder, flicking her lips this time with his tongue.

Willow froze, not knowing what to do.

Against her mouth, he growled. "Kiss me back, little girl, kiss me like your life depends on it."

She did. When she darted her tongue against his as he had done to her, he groaned and took over. Willow was shocked to find that it wasn't unpleasant. How many times had she dreamed of her first, even believing that she could never had one due to her condition. But she's having it. Right now.

But when she began shivering, he stopped and broke away. "You're cold."

She was freezing. She's born with a very low resistance, and the event that took place a while ago had pushed that little strength of her to the limit. "Y-yes."

He raked his gaze over her, then gave her half-concerned and half-disgusted look. "And quite in a mess too." He glanced over the bathroom, "Clean yourself up, I'll be back later," he said and disappeared.

Willow laid there, confused, staring blankly at the ceiling as she tried to gather sense to everything that just happened.

Earlier, she was living in a sane world, chaotic but sane. Now, she can't even start to comprehend a single thing after all of the craziness that was instilled in her mind and body.

Slowly, she gets off the bed and limped towards the bathroom with her mind floating into spaces. It's either she's having a nightmare or she'd finally gone insane. But it feels so real. He was real. What they shared feels so real. And yet, her logical mind says that it's not.

She slammed the bathroom door, locking herself in and turned on the shower. She sank down to the floor, head on her hands, wondering how she would get away from all this lunacy.

Metro Station had been her haven that protected her from the searching eyes of her parents. But now it had become a gilded cage. She was trapped with a man that both terrified and thrill her. And the worst part is, she doesn't want to leave.

:bulletred:Hunger for Love Ch.1:bulletred:
:bulletyellow: Literary Commission for =Ayumu16

:bulletgreen: Characters:

:star: Willow McKenzie

:bulletyellow: A 19 year old Human Girl, only daughter of the richest family in Detroit. She runs away from home when her parents placed her into an Arranged Marriage. She's very shy, speaks so lowly, and has sun allergy. She easily gets scared and froze like a statue when encountering dangerous situations.

She's currently living in Metro Station to hide from her parents.

:star: Special Ability: None. But she's is Morphin's destined Bride

:star: Morphin Volkonsky

:bulletred: A 492 year old Vampire that own Metro Station. He's very attractive, a bit pervert, and carrying a bad guy look. He's patient, and likes to scare people whether in purpose or not. He's intelligent, looks noble and dark, and respectful.

:star: Special Abilities:

1. Mood Perception
2. Teleportation
3. Immortality
4. Super Strength and Speed

:bulletred: CHAPTER 2|:bulletred:CHAPTER 3|:bulletred:CHAPTER 4|:bulletred:EPILOGUE|:bulletred:THE ASCENSION
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