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January 17, 2012
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Forbidden Love

"Thank God he finally confessed."

"What do you mean finally confessed?" Alex sat up on her bed as she stared in disbelief on her best friend, Robin. "You knew it all along!?"

"Alex, it was very obvious. All of our friends had already figured that out. It was only who doesn't seem to notice."

"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"And spoil that part for Elroy," she said and then shook her head. "No, thanks."

Alex threw her back on the soft cushion of her bed and locked her gaze on the ceiling, exploring her psyche to find a remedy on this huge problem that she's into.

This nightmare all started when Elroy, her step-brother confessed his affection to her. Even though that might be true, she could have ignored what he said that night and treat it like a joke if the bastard didn't stole her first kiss from her.

And she swears to God that when Elroy's lips touched hers that very moment, she was electrified, she felt sparks, lots and lots of it! And worst than that, she didn't push him away nor gave any resistance, instead, she let him finish.

Alex covered her face with her palms and cried. "I'm in big trouble, Robin. Really, really big trouble."

"Why didn't you just tell him about your feeling?" Robin suggested.

"What would I tell him?" she gave her a narrowed gaze.

"That you like him," she said. "That you're also in love with."

From being laid in her bed, Alex shot back to sitting position like a meteorite and glared to her, "No, I'm not!" she fiercely defended.

"C'mon Alex, you've been talking about him ever since I got here."

"That doesn't prove anything."

"Then why are so troubled?" she said. "You won't be feeling this way if you don't have anything for the guy."

"But he's my brother."

"Your step-brother," she corrected. "He's not related to you by blood."

"But in the eyes of the public, we are!"

"Oh stop it Alex!" Robin said, slightly losing her patience on her. "Stop lying. Stop lying from me, stop lying from him and stop lying to yourself. You know deep inside that you're in love with Elroy. So why don't you just let it go and tell him."

"Because I don't," she still insisted. "And if that happen, that will ruin a lot of things and hurt a lot of people especially our parents."

"You believe that they will disagree?"

"Of course they will," she said. "Would you think that they will let us have a relationship while we're living under the same roof? They'll surely set us apart."

"So you love him?" Robin asked in a brisk.

"Yes!" the word slipped from her mouth, when Alex brain finally snapped from what she just said, she immediately covered her mouth. Like that would help.


"T-t-that's not what I mean," she tried to explain.

"Shut it up Alex," she said slowly. "You do love him, you're just making excuses. If your parents will disagree, I'm sure that the two of you can find a way if you really want to be together."

There's no mistake on it, Elroy is definitely avoiding her.

Alex daggers a glare to his back as he walked passed the table where she, Robin and Trent are sitting along with Rielly, the hot bomb shell that lives next door to them and unfortunately also studies on the same school as them.

And on the way that she laughs at everything that Elroy said while flipping those golden locks of her makes her wants to grab and shaver and shave that bitch bald.

At first it was her that had been avoiding him. Running out the room whenever he walks in, pretending that she had to study for something whenever they suddenly left alone, hiding from him in school that everyone had started to think that she's like a stealthy ninja on how good she suddenly vanish in thin air every single time that Elroy is somewhere near.

But now, it was her that is being ignored.

She first noticed it 2 days ago when the two of them were left in the kitchen. She could have made a run that time but there was no need of it. She thought that he would stop by at least but no, he just walk in, took a soda on the fridge and walked pass by her again like she wasn't even there.

At first she was relieved, but as days passes by that things remain that way, it started to bother her. She should be happy that things are getting this way but she isn't.

"Oh Elroy stop!" Rielly giggled on something that Elroy said.

Alex glared on both them, especially on Elroy. He was smiling at her with that 'lady killer angelic smile'. And she hate him for that, she hate the way Rielly smile to him, the way she touched him, the way they share the moments together because….because….because that should have been her! Damn it! That should have been and not Rielly!

"If only looks could kill, those two should be dead by now."

Alex blinked and turned her attention to Robin who sits at the other side of the table in front of her. She had been totally occupied on glaring to those two that she completely forgotten that she's with her and Trent. "Sorry, Robin."

"No problem, we understand."

"Yeah, we do." Trent said. "Just lower down the hate waves, we're burning over her."

"I'm fine, Trent."

"Are you?" he asked with an oozing sarcasm.

"I just can't help to be bother," Alex said. "Don't you think that she's being too clingy? Her chest is almost touching his arm."

"Rielly is just being honest with herself," said Trent. "And she goes after what she really wants…unlike someone I know."

Alex glared at him.

"What?" he asked innocently. "I thought this is what you want?"

"It is!" she said. "It is," she repeated, but now in softer and an uncertain voice.

Trent sighed and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "Alex," he whispered. "It is very obvious that you're not. You're not just troubled, you're hurting. And you know what's worst that? Is that you can actually make it all go away if you want to. But you choose to keep on resisting and hurting your self."

"Trent is right, Alex," Robin said. "That." she pointed to Elroy and Rielly with her thumb. "You and him. You can have it all, if you only just stop pretending and tell him what you truly feel."

"I can't guys," she shook her head. "I just can't."

"What's stopping you?" Robin asked.

"It's just that, Elroy had been like a real brother to me for almost 7 years ever since our parents got married. Yes, he's kind of lazy, very unpredictable, and very controlling over me that it often lead us into a quarrel, but I still respect him for that and loved him like my true brother."

"And so?"

"And so I can't start seeing him that way now, not after all that we've been through. What do you want me to do, ruin all those 7 years that we shared together just to engage into an uncertain relationship?"

"Alex, the way I see it, it can't be any more ruined that what it is right now," said Robin. "Don't you think that Elroy didn't consider that when he confessed to you. Of course he did, but he chooses to be honest with his feelings and took the risk instead of continually living his life in constant pretending that he doesn't feel a thing for you when the truth is that you're everything for him. The guy had sacrificed enough for you, Alex. And I think that it is just fair that you'll return the favor."

Elroy lay on his bed, snuggling down on his pillow, thinking how badly the day was spent again. It was the second straight day that he'd been ignoring Alex, ignoring her to give her the space she ask and to save her from the trouble of ignoring him instead.

But it was so hard, so hard to stay away from her when he wanted is to see her, to touch her, to love her. He cursed fate to what is going through with them, he cursed it that it made them as step-siblings. Maybe if they had met in a different circumstance, they could have loved each other without any complication.

Elroy closed his eyes and tried to invite slumber to succumb him to unconscious to escape this heartache when someone knocks on his door.

His eyes went open and gazed to the door, "Who is it?"


"Who is it?" he asked again.

"Elroy." Elroy stiffened when he heard Alex's voice. "It's Alex, can I come in?"

What the hell is she doing here? Elroy asked himself.

He immediately pondered on his situation. Alex is just outside his room and she wants to talk to him, and this is the first time that it will happen ever since the day that he decided to complicate things in their relationship.

What shall he do? What shall he say? That's all that is going around in his mind.

Elroy slowly straightened off of his bed and approached the door where Alex is waiting at the other side. But instead of opening it, he just said, "What do you want?"

"I want to talk," said Alex.

"We're already talking."

"I want to see you."

"No!" he refused to. He refused to because he's a coward. He doesn't want to face Alex. He doesn't want to see her face while she looks him the eyes telling him that she can never love him. For her he's just a brother, a friend, a protector, he can be anything to her except for a lover. And that reality is something that he can never accept.

"But," she insisted.

"Just say what you want Alex and leave!" he burst out.

"Are you angry?" she asked.

No, he's not angry, he could never be angry to her. He's just scared, terrified, terrified to handle reality. "Just say what you want to say and go."

He heard her sigh. There was long minute of silence before Alex breath out a word, "It's about what you said to me, about your feelings for me."

"What about it?"

"Why me? Why me Elroy? You know that it will complicate things if you fall for me," she said. "Our parents are married, I'm your step-sister, and you've been like a real brother to me for almost 7 years. You know that all of those will be ruined if you love me this way, so why me Elroy, why me?"

"I don't know Alex, I don't know," he sobbed, his voice cracked from straining his tears. "Maybe because I'm a fool, maybe because I'm stupid, or maybe because I just loved you so much as a sister that I started loving as a woman. I also don't want this to happen. I also don't want to complicate things or to ruin anything. God knows how much I tried to stop myself from feeling this way, to deceive you and myself that I don't feel a damn thing for you. But I can't, I realize that I can't. So I risked everything that we have and tell you what I feel."

"Do you really love me?"

"Yes! Yes, Alex. I love you! I love you more than anything."

"Then open the door and let me in."

Elroy unlocked the knock and slowly slid the door open. The moment it fully opened, Alex immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him deep and hungry kiss. It took Elroy a few seconds before everything registered into his head. He saw Alex closing and locking the door behind her and the moment that took grasp of what was happening, he was already being thrown back to his bed.

Alex stood in front of his bed, looking down on him with a wicked smile. He realized it then that she's wearing a knee-length gown of soft pink nylon with a white lace inset at the throat. Though not for a particular seductive design, the garment was enough to reveal the shadows at the juncture of her thighs and beneath her breast and to expose the beautiful curves of her body.

She slowly lifted the hem of her nightgown above her knees to expose her bare body before she crawled onto the bed.

Elroy tried to lift his self up but Alex pinned him back using the strength he doesn't know she possess. "Alex, what are you doing?"

Alex looked at him straight in the eyes and announced, "I'm here to return the favor. I'm here to make love with you."

His heart lurched inside his chest so hard that he thought that it will break a rib, "Alex, you don't know what you're doing."

"Not because I haven't done this before doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm doing," she argued.

"Alex, we can't do this."

Alex frowned on him. "I thought you said you love me?"

"Yes, but Mom and Dad are just on the other room, they might hear us."

"I don't care," was her reply. "I don't care if Mom and Dad found us. I don't care if the entire world does. All I care about is you and me."

He stared at her in disbelief, "Alex…"

"I love you too, Elroy. I love you. So please stop bullshitting me and do what you have to do."

Elroy doesn't need any additional invitation to comply, just hearing her say that she loves him was more than enough for him to not care about anything else. Elroy then grabbed her shoulder and shifted their positions, placing himself above her.

Alex giggled, "That's more like it."

Elroy straightened up and slid of his shirt. Alex's hands explored his bare body, from his face, to his neck, down to his chest and abdomen and each touch sends a never ending shiver throughout his body especially when she reached that spot in the middle of his hips which was still covered with his shorts, making Alex's beautiful face wrinkled into a frown.

"Take that off," she commanded.

Elroy didn't argue with her. He stood up and slid his shorts off. He heard Alex gulped when she got her first glance on his manhood.

But Alex was tougher than that. She immediately gathered her composure and knelt down in front of him. She took his shaft and stroked it to life. She looked up to him. Her gaze met his. One corner of her mouth lifted into a tender smile before resume on touching him again and then finally replacing her hand with her mouth.

Elroy groaned in sheer bliss and satisfaction as his shaft occupied Alex's mouth, witnessing how it moved in and out of her in an increasing phase. Elroy was forced then to grab her head in order to control her speed and delay the turmoil that is piling up on him. It might burst out any second if he can't slow Alex down. But his resistance was futile, instead of slowing down, Alex moved in a faster phase and he knows that he won't last any longer.

"Alex, stop," he grated.

But Alex didn't, instead, she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him deeper into her throat. Elroy tried to hold back the pressure but what Alex was doing was too much for him to handle. His entire body shook in pleasure as he erupted inside her mouth.

When his release subsided, only then that Alex let go of him. He collapsed down on his knees in front of her, panting and grunting for air with his entire body, beading in sweat.

His gaze locked then to Alex who is also out of breath. Alex eyes shifted to him until their gazes met. Her lips curved into a sweet smile and asked, "I was good, wasn't I?"

"Good?" he breathed. "Good isn't enough to explain that."

Alex chuckled. She then took one last gulp of air and shifted herself into a sitting position with her bare back resting on the headboard of the bed. She gave that wicked smile again and opened her knees wide in blatant invitation. "Your turn."

He pressed a kiss on her thigh, trace it to her abdomen, breast, neck, until he claimed her lips. Elroy moaned on the sensation of having her soft lips pressed against his. It was very different from the first and second time that they kissed. This time, it is not one sided, both of them now are enjoying the experience.

"Are you sure you're ready," he asked.

Alex nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck. Elroy shifted their position and placed her above him. He braced his hand on each side of her hips before he guided her down on top of him so that he could impale her.

She tensed as pain interrupted her pleasure. "Shhh," he breathed on her ear. "Relax."

He adjusted her body to get used of his thickness. Elroy finally felt her relaxing again. He ran his hand on her soft back and cupped her bottom, lifted her up and showed her how to move against him. Alex was a quick learner. In no time, she settled into a sweet and slow rhythm that resonated through his entire body.

Elroy threw his head back and growled at the warm, sleek heat of her body welcoming his. The feel of it shook him so profoundly that even his bottom lip quivered. She felt a lot better than he had imagined.

"Like this, do you?" Alex teased as she continue torment him with never ending pleasure.

"Mmmm-hmmm," he breathed. At the moment, that's all he can do.

With each snap of her hips, the pressure to come built within. Elroy then gripped her hips and drove up between her thigh hard, bouncing her on his shaft.

He watched Alex's expression as she suppressed a wild scream. They cannot risk being too loud if they doesn't want their parents to catch them.

"Do that again."

He did, plunging himself deeper, faster, meeting her every increasing strokes. Finally, he felt her constricting around him. Elroy knows that she's getting close. "Come on me, Alex."

"Yes!" Her eyelids fluttered, biting her lips as she suppressed her moans, and in total abandon, she climaxed.

And with one hard, deep thrust, he shuddered all around her as he spilled his release on her womb.

Elroy couldn't breathe as his head swam in pure, unadulterated bliss. His entire body ache, and yet he'd never known such pleasure.

Alex fell against him, covering him with her body. "Are you okay?" he asked, concern about her.

"Fine," she said in a dreamy tone, snuggling her face on his chest. "More than fine, I guess."

He laughed at her, stroking her blonde hair. "Yeah, I know the feeling."

"Did I do well?" she asked between panted breaths.

"The best I ever had." When he felt her frown against his skin, he added, "It's the truth, some people are just instinctively great lover."

She giggled, "Imagine if I practice with you 5 times a night."

"I can't wait already." At his word, she straightened up again and moved against him. His manhood jerked inside her, hardening back to life in an instance.

"Time to practice, brother."

She wasn't with him when he woke up the next morning. But of course, that was already expected that she will leave his place before their parents woke up if they don't want them to find out what they did last night.

Elroy got off his bed, get dressed and went downstairs. Their parents are no longer around, Alex was in the kitchen, wearing her pink bathrobe and cooking some delicious pancakes.

"Good morning," she greeted with a sweet smile when she saw him walks into the kitchen. "Hungry?"

He nodded, "Yeah."

He settled down on the table and Alex served him his breakfast. "Enjoy," she said. He was barely taking a few bites when Alex said, "I'm planning to ditch school today. How about you?"

"Why not," he shrugged and took another bite.

"You know what, Mom and Dad is not here and they won't be back until evening."

Elroy took a huge swallow after hearing that statement. "Really?" he said nervously.

"Yeah," she said. "So we have the entire house for ourselves."


"So...if you want to beat your record last night," she untied the knot on her bathrobe and slid it off her. "Then you better get started."

With that, Elroy dropped the fork on his hand and left the pancake. He had another breakfast to deal with.

:star:Forbidden Love:star:

:bulletyellow: Literature Commission for :icondsbluefangs:.
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Awesome work.
Marzarret Jan 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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It's damn amazing!! :D thanks so much! :>
Marzarret Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you liked it. :D
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i don't like it! I LOVE it! :> :love:
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Hehehe! Thanks.
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haha,no prob! :>
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